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Approaching Christmas

Well, we had a busy time at Waddesdon and now we are in the mad rush that takes us to Christmas. We are also learning on the job, so to speak, about some of the ways that selling online is different to selling face to face.

One thing that happens when we are at an event is we can talk directly about the hats and bags we have and discuss whether we can make something for a customer. Of course we should be able to do this online too, there is lots of exciting software available which can help us, but we are good at making felted hats and bags, we obviously need to work on being better online too. That is one of our resolutions for next year.

However, we do need to deal with the here and now. So if you have seen something that you like but want to know whether we can do something slightly different, perhaps a different colour, do drop us a line. We are happy to help. Also, if you want something for Christmas but can't see it on the website, just ask and we will let you know if it is possible. The closer to Christmas we get  the more these options disappear. 

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